Web & iOS App Development:

We designed and developed a responsive web application and a dedicated iOS app to cater to both customers and shop staff, ensuring a seamless experience across platforms.

QR Code Integration:

Recognizing the need for a quick and efficient workflow, we integrated a QR code system, allowing for instant access to offers, rewards, and loyalty points.

Backend Infrastructure:

Ensuring that the platform remains robust and scalable, we set up a backend infrastructure capable of handling a vast number of transactions and user interactions.


Innovative Loyalty System:

In a market saturated with loyalty programs, the challenge was to create a system that stood out, offering genuine value to both businesses and customers, all while being more affordable than traditional loyalty cards.

Engagement & Retention:

With numerous brands vying for customer attention, the challenge was to design a platform that not only attracted users but also encouraged repeated interactions and purchases.


For Businesses:

We provided an intuitive platform that allows businesses to easily set up engagement strategies, fostering a profitable community. The digital punch card system ensures that loyal customers are recognized and rewarded, driving repeat business.

For Customers:

We designed a user-friendly interface that consolidates loyalty programs from various brands. With Best In Town, customers can effortlessly track rewards, loyalty points, and avail of special offers, ensuring they always get the best deals from their favourite brands.

Cost-Effective Implementation:

By leveraging digital solutions like QR codes and app-based loyalty cards, we were able to offer a reliable loyalty system at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.