Web & Mobile App Development:

We crafted a responsive web application and a mobile app tailored for both customers and employees, ensuring seamless access and functionality across devices.

Integration Capabilities:

Recognizing the diverse needs of the platform, we integrated pkgPlace with various logistics partners, auction houses, and payment gateways, ensuring a holistic and interconnected ecosystem.

Inventory Automation:

To keep up with the dynamic nature of auctions and deliveries, we implemented an automated inventory system, ensuring real-time updates and efficient stock management.


Role Synchronization:

With multiple stakeholders like delivery personnel, managers, customers, and more, ensuring a seamless workflow and interaction was a challenge.

Logistics Partner Integration:

Merging our platform with other logistics partners required careful planning and execution to ensure uninterrupted service.

Auction House Integration & Inventory Automation:

Integrating with auction houses and automating inventory management posed unique challenges, especially in ensuring real-time accuracy and preventing discrepancies.


Role-Based Access & Workflow:

We implemented a system where access and functionalities are determined based on roles, ensuring that each stakeholder has a tailored experience and can perform their tasks efficiently.

Process-Driven Workflow:

Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we designed workflows based on processes, ensuring that each task, from order placement to delivery, follows a logical and efficient sequence.

Easy Payment Integration:

Recognizing the importance of a smooth financial transaction, we integrated a straightforward credit card payment system, ensuring that customers can make payments effortlessly and securely.