Personalized Noticeboard:

We developed a dynamic digital noticeboard that curates content based on individual student preferences and needs, ensuring they are always in the loop with relevant opportunities and services.

Unified Peer-to-Peer Platform:

Recognizing the importance of networking and peer interaction, we created a platform that seamlessly connects students, fostering collaboration and mutual growth.

Delivering Value:

Our primary focus was to ensure that every feature and functionality added genuine value to the student experience, from academic support to social interactions.


Overwhelming Digital Chaos:

With the proliferation of Facebook, WhatsApp groups, and other digital platforms, students often found themselves overwhelmed, missing out on crucial opportunities and information.

Physical Limitations:

The Covid-19 pandemic brought about unprecedented challenges for students, including campus closures, suspension of in-person networking, isolated remote learning, and limited academic support.

Fragmented Resources:

The scattered nature of resources, both online and offline, made it challenging for students to find what they needed efficiently.


Smart Curation:

By harnessing the power of Machine Learning, Communityy intelligently curates content, ensuring students see what’s most relevant to them, eliminating the noise and chaos of traditional platforms.

Unified Digital Space:

Communityy serves as a one-stop platform, defragmenting the process of finding the right resources, peers, and opportunities. This unified approach ensures students can capitalize on their time in higher education more effectively.

Adapting to the New Normal:

Recognizing the challenges brought about by the pandemic, Communityy was designed to bridge the gap, providing students with a platform that supports both academic and social needs in a remote learning environment.