What, Where and How to find an App Developer


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Things you need to know before hiring an App Developer:


What to look for:

First of all, it is important to understand your main idea for the project. According to Forbes almost 90% of the products fails because they are not up to the mark of the market needs.  Normally the clients come to software development companies with idea of like make an app similar to a messenger or a video sharing app without having a clear idea about it. So, it’s better to look out for some important factors to avoid this situation.


Target your Audience:

It is very important to understand that if you are targeting everyone you are targeting no one. So, look out for people with similar interests. Understand their behaviors and develop personas about them. Start of by knowing their Gender, Age, Occupation, Language, Income, Habits, struggles and education etc. 


Identify the Problem:

Once you know about your audience you are ready to identify the problems, they are facing by conducting proper research. For a successful app you need understand these problems and your app should be a solution to that. Do not jump to conclusions ask your potential customers if they really are looking for a solution.


Validate you Solution:

Once you have found the solution to your problem it is time to validate it. Compare it with other apps. Is your app any different? What is unique about your app then the rest of your competitors? 

For that you can build an MVP (Minimum Valuable Product) to understand whether your app is really something that customer needs. Read the blog to understand about MVP. 


We’ll be glad to help you with the planning stage. Get consultation and project estimation.


How to find App Developers:

After you are clear about your app and its features that you want to give its time to look out for an app developer. Now you can look out for them in three different segments and we will be discussing all the positives and negatives in each segment.


In House or Remote Employees:

Normally this option is normally for those who are working on multiple projects because this way you will have more control over employees. It is a good option but not cost efficient. There is no language barrier but the hiring process is difficult as well.



It is cheaper as compared with hiring an inhouse team as you don’t have to pay for any office rent or furniture etc. This option is normally for small businesses or projects. It is cost effective, suitable for small one-time tasks and has an extended talent pool. But it has communication barriers, it’s difficult to manage and there is a chance that the freelancer might leave the project in the middle if he gets better options.


Outsourcing Companies:

This is by far the best option as it lessens the time for the product to reach the market, its cost efficient and generate quality projects. You don’t need to acquire an office or any other equipment’s. There might be issues like communication barriers or time difference if you hire a foreign company. For a limited budget you can outsource a company with experienced developers overseas. CodeJunkie is an award winning outsource company that can help with your app development process. 


Where You can find App Developers:

Some important ways to find app developers are

  • Ask for reference
  • Use Hiring Platforms


Cost of App Developers by Country:


  • North America: 100-250$
  • Latin America: 25-48$
  • Western Europe: 100-175$
  • Eastern Europe: 25-50$
  • Australia: 80-150$
  • Asia:20-40$


Want to find an App Developer:

CodeJunkie is a Pakistan based web and mobile development company with a lot of experience. After winning several awards and recognitions we have developed a firm position in the market. We provide fluent services in app development, MVP development and UI/UX designs.


Take a look at the projects we have developed in our portfolio



  • Where can I find app developers?

You can use popular hiring platforms to find app developers depending on the cooperation models (freelance, in-house team, outsourcing companies).

  • How to find a good app developer?

Before finding app developers, you need to make the following steps: define target audience, validate the problem, validate the solution, build MVP, measure (KPIs) and analyze.

  • How do app developers work?

There are three hiring options: freelance developers, in-house team, outsourcing companies.

  • What country should I choose when looking for an app developer and why?

There are several popular software outsourcing destinations: USA, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia. Asia is golden mean charging $20-40 hourly while providing a high level of competency. For example, Pakistani developers charge $35.

  • What are the average mobile developers’ rates?


It depends on the country, experience level, and stack of technologies that programmers work with. For instance, app developers in the USA charge $100/h compared to $50 in the Eastern Europe for the same price.


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