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Augmented Reality
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Furnishing the future.

We set out to achieve a few things with OrnaMent. Firstly, it had to be a mobile app that’s a marketplace for furniture—that’s pretty easy. But we also wanted to use augmented reality to shows users the furniture in their home before they ever purchase anything. Now, that’s challenging! And CodeJunkie isn’t one to back down from a challenge.

Now everyone is an interior designer.

With the power of our OrnaMent mobile app, users can design their spaces with furniture without spending a single cent. Pick your table in the app, point your mobile camera, and see how it looks in that corner!

Secure, safe, and easy shopping.

And when it comes to actually spending a few cents (or several thousand), the app provides a streamlined experience. Like the look of that lamp on your table? Of course you do! Just a few more clicks more and your order is on its way.

Everyone has a place at the table.

If someone’s buying something, there’s business to be done. And our app caters not only to customers, but businesses selling furniture as well. Set up shop right here.

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