How long does it take to develop an app by yourself?


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What is an app?

An app is a software that can be downloaded and installed on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. It has a specific function to perform for the user. An app provides a pathway to use some features to the user. Nowadays, almost everyone in the world has access to a smartphone and they use all sorts of apps on it.

Many business companies create an app for their employees so that they can access companies’ information without any fear of security breach. On the other hand, many teams of developers create their own apps for the sake of entertainment only. In the modern times, apps are also being used as an educational provider to everyone who has access to a mobile and internet.

There are three types of apps on the basis of their preferences of operating systems:

Some apps are totally dependent on internet connection and the user can’t use it without any internet access. These apps are known as Web-Based apps. Web-based apps give a number of features which make daily user’s life easy. These apps include Google, Maps, Gmail and Dropbox etc.

Some apps are only accessible to a particular operating system and they can’t be used on other operating systems. These apps are known as Native apps. These apps are developed with special algorithms and codes, which are based on that operating system only. Due to which, these apps can’t be accessed on other operating systems. It can be an android or IOS app.

On the other hand, there are some apps that can be accessed on different operating systems as well. These apps are a combination of native and web-based apps. These apps are called Hybrid apps. These apps are easy to create because they can be created on a single-code base and it can be integrated on various operating systems. However, these apps have low-performance rate than other types of apps.

How much time does it take to create an app by yourself?


Developing an app from scratch is not an easy thing to do especially for a single person. It takes a lot of time and brainpower just to establish a basic framework for the app. Usually, a whole team works on a single app but a single person can create an app all by himself. Now, the question is how much time it takes to develop an app by yourself.

It depends on the various factors that are involved in the development. These factors include the complexity of the app, the number of features, strategic approach and marketing, etc. According to some developers, it takes around 4 to 6 months to develop an app with 3 features in it. But the time period can vary with the addition of new features and more complexity. 

Every developer tries to create the app in a short period of time but it doesn’t go as expected. A single person has to create the framework, design, scope and animations of the app, which causes a lot of burden for the developer and eventually, delay in the development. So, it takes more time than expected at the start.

The development of an app is a sub-divided process, which comes out as a whole in the end. Here are some steps that are used in app development.


Research and scope of the app


This is the first step towards app development. In this process, a whole sketch of the app is drawn on the paper from the start to finish. It includes the scope of your app, a basic requirement for the app development, audience needs, competing with other apps of the same time and marketing of the app.

It takes a lot of time to come up with a unique idea for an app that hasn’t been implemented in the market by anyone before. Once you come up with a solid idea then you have to research the targeted audience and their needs. Also, you have to give them some additional features which will make your app unique from the others.

If you’re going for the idea that is already being utilized in the other app, then you have to research about their features and find the things that they’re not offering in their app. You can pick those features and add them in your apps to come out as stronger than your already existing competitors. 

After that, you have to start researching about the main objective of your app. You have to learn about every little thing about your product and try to implement it in your app. It takes a lot of time to do an in-depth research for a product. Once, you get to know all the main aspects of your product, then you can make your app suitable for the wider audience.

Then the next step is the choice of the operating system. It is an important process as not only your app development is dependent on it but also the number of the targeted audience as well. App development varies from one operating system to the other. Android takes more codes than IOS to develop an app. IOS gives a complex library for app development.

The next step is the marketing and the monetization of the app. If you’re planning to do a partnership with some investors, then be prepared for it. You have to give them a strong pitch and a reason to not only invest in your app but also give it a marketing platform or app store to give clear access to the user.

Usually, all this research takes 4 to 5 weeks approximately, depending on the time dedicated to it.


Development and designing


The next process is giving life to your idea and research. It is a tough and head-scratching process as you have to develop the whole frame from the zero. You have to work a lot of time on the things that will not even be visible on the app. Usually, the development of the app is divided into three parts.

The first part is front-end development. With the front-end, the app can be used by the user. Front-end consists of the user interaction, selection of an option by the user and caching, etc. It is all done by sequential programming from opening the app to exiting from it. It is also responsible for taking the useful information from the user for further operations in the app.

Once, the app takes all the information from the user, it’s important to save it in the device so that it can be used later and users don’t have to enter it every time. For this, the next part is responsible and that is back-end development. Back-end development includes visual storage, machine learning and functioning and communicating with other devices.

After all the programming, the next thing to do is give a look and design to your app. User Interface (UI) is the third step in which the graphical work is done for the app. All the animations and designs are added in this step to give a new and pleasing look to the app. It acts as one of the final steps of the whole development process

App is developed on the basis of the wireframe, which is the initial prototype of the app, Then, it goes through multiple testing before adding or finalizing the features in it. A wireframe of an app can be changed many times during the development period because of new implementations in front-end and back-end.


All these steps are developed at the same time so that they can be connected to each other and can be used as a whole. It takes around 6 to 8 weeks depending on the complexity of the app and number of features. Now, your app has been created and it’s fully functional now but the development is not over yet.


Multiple Testing of the app


Another important process in the whole app development is testing. After all the coding and designing of the app, the basic prototype is ready. Now, it’s really important to test the app to check its full functionality. Bugs and glitches can ruin the whole development process and they can create malware in the app.

An app has to undergo at least hundreds of testing by the developer to check all the glitches and bugs and fix them before the release. This process is called Alpha testing. In alpha testing, the developer tries to break the app in any way possible. He has to create scenarios and try to find the bugs so that he can fix it.

Then, the app is tested by some limited people that use it as some customers. They try to use it as a user for the normal routine. If they find a bug in it, they report it to the developer and then he fixes it. It is known as Beta testing. Beta testing plays an important part in the testing as it also tests your app’s performance on other devices.

All the testing and bug-fixing takes around 3 to 4 weeks depending upon the type of glitches and complexity of the app. Now the app is officially ready for the release.


Releasing of the app on app stores


After all the tough times of research and development. The next process is releasing your app on the app store. For this, you’ve to come up with a good name, a detailed description and some screenshots of your app for the customer attraction. Then, you have to go through a review process that is done by the app store.

Usually, you have to pay for the registration of your app on the app store. For Google play store, you have to pay at least 25$ for the registration. However, on the IOS app store, you’ve to give 30% of your revenue to the app store for their services. You can also release your app on the other stores and users can download it as an apk file.

The review process takes 2 to 3 weeks on play store and more on the IOS store. Google uses a pre-defined algorithm to check the guidelines of the app. On the other hand, a team of reviewers checks your app keenly to check all the guidelines of the app store. Once you’re done with it, your app is accessible to customers now.

But the process isn’t over yet. Usually, a developer has to respond to all the user’s feedback and try to work on it. Also, the developer has to give some updates to the app after a period of time so that customers use it even after the years of release. 

Even though your app development is complete now but it doesn’t mean that you should leave it now. You have to respond to all the feedback and work on the new updates.


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