CodeJunkie helped organise Pakistans first overnight Hackathon


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2019’s HackACM was Islamabad’s first overnight hackathon that focused on Sustainable Development Goals (SGD) by the UNDP. It was held at KNCT Hub, and featured 20 teams from universities all over Pakistan. The teams had a 36-hour time limit to brainstorm ideas, and solutions to tackle at least one of the seven selected SGD’s for this hackathon.

The panel of judges included Google Developer Community Manager Saad Hamid , Chief Customer Experience Officer of Jazz Sadia Khurram as well as other notable personal from organizations such as Bentley Systems.

The Seven Selected SGD’s

Supported & Sponsored by The Tech Community

This event wouldn’t have been possible without direct support from the tech community itself. The main sponsor of this event was GitHub. Media coverage was provided by TechJuice as well as Baydaar News. While community support was provided from the Google and Facebook developer circles.

Code Junkie was also a proud sponsor of HackACM. As part of our commitment to giving back to the tech community, we provided mentorship and support to the teams there.


Discussed about Lean Startup Methodology

Our CEO Syed M Tayyab was also on hand at the event as a guest speaker. He was able to provide the aspiring future entrepreneurs present at this event with information critical to launching a successful startup. He talked about the Lean Startup Methodology, and the need of user feedback for building a product that the consumer actually wants.

He shared stories of some successful companies, and their MVP’s (Minimal Viable Product). How they changed their initial idea for the better just because they were able to get user feedback at an early stage. He also talked about some of our clients, and their MVP services, and how through them many entrepreneurs are able to test out their ideas quickly, efficiently, and effectively.


The Drive to Learn is One of Our Core Values

Before we founded CodeJunkie, both me and cofounder Tayyab used to attend Hackathons with a passion. It helped us grow, and expand our horizons to the point where we are today. At CodeJunkie the drive to learn is one of our core values, and throughout HackACM’19 we seeked to impart the same aspirational values to all the teams present.

To make it an even more memorable experience. Participants were presented with some pretty killer CodeJunkie swag. Mugs were distributed among the participants as a memento of this day. Throughout the event we were ready to give mentorship to the teams wherever they needed it.


To More Hackathons

At the end of the event, the judges were presented with some truly innovative ideas. So, trust us when we say they had a hard time narrowing it down to the top three winners. While there could only be three “official” winners, everyone left that event having learned something truly invaluable, and with a smile on their faces. We hope to see more of these events in the near future.


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