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Here at CodeJunkie, we are thrilled to receive recognition for being a top B2B leader in development in Pakistan from Clutch. With four locations in California, Texas, Canada, and Pakistan, we enthusiastically engage with our clients and their software engineering needs. Focusing primarily on artificial intelligence, mobile app development, and web development, Code Junkie is dedicated to supplying your company with comprehensive user experience support, beyond just the code. 

Recognized by Clutch as a top Software Developers, we have multiple verified five-star ratings from past clients. Clutch operates a resource for reviews of business services, allowing clients to read unbiased reports of business’ past work. Additionally, Clutch uses a leader matrix to determine a firm’s ability to deliver an effective product and whether the company focus is within your business’ needed service. These criteria are determined by verified client reviews, ensuring the content is authentic and reliable. 

Across multiple reviews, we were positively reviewed for our response time. Agith Lolimawansa, the owner of Buzz Musik was impressed by how “the company considered all of my ideas and budget limitations,” and commented “I can definitely say that they are worth the price.”

Asim Mushtaq, the Managing Director at Caraya, appreciated how Code Junkie was “always on time and up for any challenging features we wanted to have in the system.” Based on these reviews, we have proven ability to tailor our work to your needs in a timely and communicative manner. 

In addition to being featured on Clutch, CodeJunkie has been featured on The Manifest and Visual Objects, two sister sites of Clutch. Whereas Clutch provides a data-focused representation of service provider’s competitiveness in their field, The Manifest provides in-depth market research, giving companies crucial business tips. Additionally, Visual Objects, a B2B reviews platform, provides visual evidence of past projects, giving further insight into what a partnership with CodeJunkie would look like. 

This award is a testament to our company’s quality of work and dedication towards its clients. We are thankful to Clutch for acknowledging our hard work and honoring us with this award. We look forward to working with Clutch in the future and are excited to welcome new clients. Software development is a crucial component of digital business and we look forward to working with your company. Contact us here to get started!

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