Android and iOS Development Workshop


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NUST Entrepreneurs Club organised a 2-Day Android & iOS development workshop for the people who think they are a game developer by nature. Who wanted to go awe-inspiring their end semester project. Who loved getting their hands dirty in coding and making their imagination turn into reality was their passion! This was a great opportunity for those people to take their first step into application and game development and allow an arena of opportunities pave way in front of them.

About NUST Entrepreneurs Club

For a country like Pakistan, the growth for entrepreneurship would do wonders for our struggling economy. Understanding the need, a society aimed to promoting and encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship has been established in National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST). The main focus of their society is to instill the spirit of entrepreneurship in the young and talented minds. Their society encourages students to ‘think outside the box.’ The team, at NEC, believe in the amazing power of creative and executable ideas. The society wishes to impart entrepreneurial education to the future leaders of our country. Their motto: A Student Society of NUST with a mission to inculcate a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation within the NUST student fraternity.

pasted image 0.png

A glimpse of their first day’s session.

The Crash Course:

This crash course from NUST Entrepreneurs Club taught the participants the fundamentals of creating an application with the popular App Development SDK Corona. This crash course was designed in a way that no prior knowledge of programming or development experience was required. Just Brains! The workshop was open for everyone with a reasonable fee and was a successful hit & a Houseful.


The workshop was held at the UG Block – SEECS, NUST, Islamabad.


SEECS, NUST hosted this workshop. pasted image 0-2.png

Organised by

The workshop was organised by NUST Entrepreneurs Club. pasted image 0-1.png

Partners & Sponsors

CodeJunkie was the proud sponsor of this workshop.


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